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The following folks have taken the time to let us know how we are doing.  Please go back and add your own commnets.  This isn't really a blog, but it is a nice place to add content or your own.  Thanks, to all these nice folks.
ForbesG loves to read about how people feel and what they are looking for at ForbesG Laser ArtistryWhere Light is the Power in Art.

Please note:  Any solicitation for ANYTHING not related to my own work is not to be  posted.  An example is the posting form 04/01/2008.   ForbesG Laser Artistry has no knowledge of nor have we given permission for this posting.  As soon as we figure a way of blocking and/or removing this content, we will.

Please do not click on his links or send him email.  We can not garuntee that this posting is legitimate and is not some form of phishing scheme.

We have removed this content.  We will continue to monitor this space for similar postings.  If this activity continues, we may add a request for password to enter this space to add content.