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Welcome to our Services page.  Here you will find a list of our services and products as well as a few sample pictures and an infor request form.  Please feel free to fill in as much personal info as you wish. 

A light house that was laser engraved into the back of a mirrorTo the right is an example of a mirror that was laser engraved with a picture of the White River Lighthouse in Whitehall, MI.  One of our favorite spots and where we have our Western MI digital studios.  We have many more examples of similar pictures in wood, acrylic and on specially coated laserable metals.

For starters, we are a service oriented company.  We believe that good service means good business.  We believe that our customers and clients deserve the best customer service we can provide.  This means that you, our customers and clients, are expected to be satisfied at all times.  If this means that we redo something you have purchased from us, we will be more than happy to do so.  The only thing we request is that you understand that we can not fix errors in the original artwork and that once you approve our proof(s) we will work with you to facilitate the best solution possible.  We do require that any items delivered that you are not satified with, must be returned within 10 business days for full credit and/or relacement.

We are working on more content for this page, so please come back soon and often.

Click here to visit one of Synrad's pages to learn more about laser cutting of various materials.  Synrad manufactures our laser tube.

    * Laser etching          * Custom design of logos
    * Laser engraving       *  Wood, acrylic, ceramic tile and mirrors
    * Laser die cutting      * Clocks and control panels
    * Scientic instruments

Below is our info request form.  Please feel free fill in any information that you wish.
Our privacy ploicy is simple, we just don't share anything with anyone, period the END!  We simply want to keep you, our customers and clients informed about us and other topics of interest.  Thanks for requesting info.
ForbesG appreciates your interest.

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